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This ROOF GARDEN project consisted of about forty planters of different sizes. The planters were used to delimit the paths and living areas. The planters have been built with special "feet" so that they are at the correct height in relation to the paving stones.

Do you have a space planning project? Contact usOur design and manufacturing team can accompany you throughout the process. We have our little secrets for transforming a simple container into a perfect planter...

Christina and her team wanted to find a way to make their office space more aesthetic. They thought about it and came up with the idea of planting different plants in planters on their roof. Christina realized that it would not be an easy task, but she had the determination to see it through.

Christina knew she would need help from people with experience in the field. She therefore gave Urban Pot the mandate to draw up her ideas and undertake the manufacturing and installation.

We suggested working out together how many planters were needed for the space, so she could decide which planter sizes would best suit what she was trying to accomplish. Urban Pot also suggested that it would be best for Christina to plant one type of plant at a time, so as not to overcrowd the rooftop garden and leave room for the plants to grow.

Our project management and production teams worked closely with the client to bring the concepts to fruition including the leveling  with adjustable feet to align with the patio slabs.

The client initially wanted on-site manufacturing with wood. Factory production is much more efficient, from a time, waste and quality perspective, than field production of a single or complex site element. Urban Pot works on single products, mixed materials or complete environments, in collaboration with all members of the construction team.

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