Shipping & delivery

Cross Border Shipping
  • Shipments across  Canada / US borders may incur customs and brokerage fees and import duty charges. Urban Pot will always inform you of any added charges and wait for your explicit approval before processing your payment.

Pallet Deliveries

  • Pallet deliveries are road-side or loading dock only.

  • For roadside deliveries please make suitable arrangement such as added manpower or a forklift truck.

  • Residential deliveries will incur an added surcharge. You will be informed of any additional charges prior to final sale.

Delivery Inspection (important!)

  • Upon delivery of your purchase you will be required to sign a delivery note.

  • Your signature is an acknowledgement that the item(s) have been received in good condition without damage. It is therefore essential that your shipment is carefully inspected for visible damage with the driver present.

  • Please check the outside surface of the delivery thoroughly. If there is any evidence of rough handling or if any part appears to be punctured, crushed, dented, torn or wet, please note this condition on the Delivery Receipt before you sign for the shipment.

  • If the product is visibly damaged beyond a minor touchup repair, REFUSE IT. It will be returned to us for possible salvage.

  • In the event of suspected damage and the driver refuses to wait while you inspect the shipment in further detail, please write the following on the Delivery Receipt: “Damage suspected. Driver unwilling to wait for inspection of contents. Detailed inspection of contents will be made by consignee after delivery.”

  • If the product is not visibly damaged upon initial inspection and damage is discovered after further unpacking, STOP AND CALL THE CARRIER. Request an immediate inspection and follow all of their instructions. Do not finish unpacking. Save all the original packaging material.

  • Customers are responsible for properly describing any and all damages on the Delivery Receipt.

  • By signing the delivery receipt free and clear and not noting damage, any damage reported later is the customers responsibility and not that of Urban Pot.