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Every year, Urban Pot works with municipalities all over North America for the landscaping of public spaces (pedestrian streets, sidewalks, parks, libraries, etc.). At Urban Pot, we know how to direct our creations to comply with urban regulations.anism that set the standards and evaluation criteria.  We can also guide you to products to protect, secure  and plant a permanent or temporary pedestrian street 

Do you have a development project for a municipality? Contact us

Our design, conception and manufacturing team will be able to support you throughoutalong the process. We have our little secrets for transforming a simple container into a perfect planter...

The Department of Planning and Urbanism of this municipality wanted to design planters to beautify the streets of the city, while emphasizing the preservation of the environment.

The purpose of this project was to replant plants that were already in place in custom planters to highlight the vegetation that is not exploited to its maximum and push back the minimum green area and fixed afforestation.

This project also had a social aspect as it encouraged people to take care of their environment and find creative ways to reuse existing vegetation.

Urban Pot has designed each container considering the municipal regulations and has been able to integrate its exclusive insulation and drainage system to extend the life of the plants.

With this project, the directors are aligned with their mission of planning and management of land use planning and development of the harmonious and concerted use of the territory for the benefit of citizens and municipal services.

Contact us, it will be easier for you to project the development possibilities of your land, taking into account what is allowed or not. We will find you practical solutions to carry out your project in accordance with your wishes.

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