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Commercial Planters and Landscaping Products
Urban Pot planter in NYC


In the world of construction and design, the major challenge facing businesses, architects and designers is creating attractive and sustainable outdoor spaces while meeting time and budget constraints. Between client requirements, tight deadlines and the need to find aesthetic and functional solutions, it is often difficult to reconcile all these aspects to obtain a satisfactory result.

Imagine yourself working on an ambitious architectural project that also includes landscaping. You want outdoor spaces to perfectly complement the overall design, but finding commercial-grade planters and flower boxes that meet both aesthetic and structural standards can be a real headache. Or perhaps you've already encountered problems with substandard products that quickly deteriorated, leaving your customers dissatisfied and your professional reputation damaged.

This is where Urban Pot comes into play.

With our range of premium planters and flower boxes, designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding commercial and residential projects, we offer reliable and stylish solutions for all your landscaping needs. Our products are made from high-quality, durable materials, ensuring not only their resistance to weather and wear, but also their impeccable aesthetic that will impress your customers and enhance your reputation.


We are proud to work with some of the best clients in the industry. Commercial projects, residential projects, we can support all types of projects and clients






"Urban Pot's invaluable support transformed my vision into tangible reality. Their expertise with commercial planters and exceptional materials made my work feel significant and genuine, empowering me as a budding professional. Grateful for this enriching experience!"

Matt, Project Manager Toronto, ON

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