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Hanging planters and balcony boxes are aerial flowering solutions with many advantages. Particularly adapted to the urban environment, they make it possible to flower the public space without encroaching on it.

If the hanging planter is particularly suitable urban furniture for flowering, it is for different reasons. First of all, it responds to space constraints, when one wishes to embellish and flourish, without having space. Secondly, it protects your flowers against possible acts of vandalism such as theft or deterioration.

The window boxes and hanging planters are an end point, the culmination of greening and the culmination of flowering.

Hanging planter

Our range of hanging planters adapts to any type of need (a wall, a cornice, a balcony or lampposts). For this, we offer various mounting brackets.

Single or double suspension, we make them in recyclable polypropylene. You have the choice of color and size. We deliver them with water reserve with overflow, drain plug and removable drainage grid. The culture tray is optional. Regarding the suspension system, the chain is made of galvanized steel.

The maintenance of hanging flowers being special, we can offer you an automatic watering system if necessary.

Window boxes

We offer different models of flower boxes, in different shapes and sizes. Regarding the material, we have chosen to decline them in plastic, for its lightness and durability. As for the fixing system, it is made of steel or plastic, depending on the model.

Window boxes can be installed anywhere! Walls, grids or barriers, they bring cachet to purely functional street furniture. In order to adapt to your needs, the flower boxes also have a water reserve and a drainage grid. Removable tray and mounting bracket are optional.

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