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The developer of the innovative project DNA3 (Downtown's Next Address) in the trendy King Street West neighborhood of Toronto entrusted us with the design and manufacture of the planters for the common living space on the roof of the 14-storey building . It was a pride to work on this project which won awards and recognition in different categories.

Do you have a commercial space development project? Contact usOur design and manufacturing team can accompany you throughout the process. We have our little secrets for transforming a simple container into a perfect planter...

With bright architecture, sleek suite finishes and modern amenity spaces, including an outdoor terrace and misting station, private lounges and dining areas, a state-of-the-art fitness center and a sales podium at the A 20,000 square foot retail, DNA3 fits right in with the evolving downtown Toronto neighborhood.

Urban Pot planters brilliantly accompany the modern and refined design designed by the architectsGraziani + Corazza Architects Inc. and The Interior Designer Cecconi Simone.

Our team was able to respond to the client's requests on time and on budget.

Our idea is simple: to create flower boxes with clean shapes that respond to the surrounding context.

The biggest challenge was the 2 extra large bins in the middle of the living space. The large dimensions required a particular manufacture to avoid the deformations of the walls under the pressure of the seasons and the vegetation.

The planter walls are all insulated and the bottom is equipped with a drainage panel allowing better evacuation and evaporation of water.

All our products are designed to withstand the four seasons, large temperature differences, snow, rain,...

Often, our customers ask us about the lifespan of our products: several decades, or even more... 

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