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Urban Pot planters are made of sturdy, lightweight polyethylene. Designed to be maintenance free, these planters can be left outdoors all year round, even in harsh winter climates. The double-walled design keeps soil cool and protects roots when exposed to hours of intense sunlight, as well as when temperatures drop.

Landscape lighting is an essential element in enhancing the natural beauty of your garden. Whether illuminating pathways, flower beds or architectural features, landscape lights create a captivating ambience and subtly highlight every detail. Concealed spotlights highlight majestic trees, while elegant wall sconces add an artistic touch to exterior walls. Long-lasting LED lights offer an energy-efficient solution for brightly illuminating your outdoor spaces. Residential landscape lighting creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere, allowing you to enjoy your garden to the full in the evenings and prolong relaxing moments outdoors. Transform your garden into an illuminated paradise with our range of landscape lights, offering aesthetic and functional lighting solutions to create unforgettable night scenes.

Did you know?

An interesting historical fact about landscape lighting is that the first outdoor lighting systems were developed in late 18th-century England. At that time, landscape gardens were becoming increasingly popular, and estate owners were looking for ways to enhance the beauty of their gardens even at night. One of the first notable examples of landscape lighting was the famous Stowe Gardens installation, where candle lanterns were used to illuminate paths and architectural features. This innovation paved the way for a new way of designing gardens and contributed to the growing popularity of landscape lighting around the world.

planter with landscape light
planter with landscape light
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