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L'ETS (École de technologie supérieure) asked us to modernize the entrance to the buildings while respecting the spirit and energy of the school.

The idea was to come up with a proposal for bespoke planters to achieve the spirit of the industry-oriented engineering university and create a wow effect when you first walk around the area.

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The École de technologie supérieure is part of the Université du Québec network. Specialized in teaching and applied research in engineering and technology transfer, it trains engineers and researchers recognized for their practical and innovative approach.

Urban Pot's idea was to create an innovative approach for the main building to illustrate the audacious spirit instilled in students and a geometric approach to underline the values of excellence advocated by the university both in Canada and abroad international.

After taking measurements, we proposed a complex of several planters forming a large rectangle to follow the disabled access ramp and respect the sidewalk of the city on the other side.

For the paint, it was agreed to respect the color codes of the university by making sure to have the mythical red of the ETS.

Our team also installed and secured all planters by anchoring them to the ground.

Since its creation, ÉTS has pursued a mission that is firmly rooted in all its activities: that of meeting the needs of the industrial environment, which requires engineers who not only have an excellent theoretical background but also practical knowledge. We believe that Urban Pot's work respects this commitment and wishes future engineers every success.

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