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Urban Pot specializes in the development of urban residential projects of all sizes. Each project is unique and can be for a terrace, a rooftop, a veranda, a courtyard, a parking lot,...


The process of taking a design and transforming it into a manufactured product is based on 3 stages: design, manufacturing and logistics.

The key to the success of this process is the coordination of the three steps. In order to ensure that there are no bottlenecks in the production process, Urban Pot has an established production plan, which describes the different stages to be followed, from design to manufacturing in through transportation.

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Our design, conception and manufacturing team will be able to support you throughoutalong the process. We have our little secrets for transforming a simple container into a perfect planter...


The owner of this house wanted to transform his backyard into a private garden and increase his privacy from neighbors and passers-by.

To meet these needs, Urban Pot designed and installed 4 planters with bespoke privacy panels. These panels delimit the space between the street and the customer's parking lots, while providing a personal touch thanks to the custom pattern created according to the customer's preferences.


The owner of this veranda needed a winter solution that combines practicality and aesthetics.

To meet these needs, Urban Pot has designed and installed raised aluminum planters on legs. With their 2-inch-wide top "lip," these custom planters allow plants to be grown while protecting roots from the elements.

In addition to these planters, the homeowner also opted for a bespoke barbecue cabinet to optimize his porch space.


The owner of this penthouse wanted to furnish his long and narrow balcony with planters to create a green and welcoming space.

To add a touch of luxury and relaxation, he commissioned two waterfalls to adorn each of the end walls.

In the dining room one floor below, space being limited, Urban Pot designed a narrow and elongated planter box framed by two cubes to enlarge the space and grow plants in it.

All planters have been constructed from 3/16 inch aluminum to ensure maximum durability and strength.

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