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The SERIE A balcony planter, made of recyclable polyethylene, is ideal urban furniture to add a green touch  to decorate your balconies, railings, barriers and low walls.

The SERIE A balcony planter with its  classic and linear design responds to the need for urban furniture that is both functional and aesthetic. This planter will energize balconies that are often left empty and unused.

The product has a very solid construction that can withstand harsh weather conditions and four seasons.

It is also available in different colors so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. 2 possible colors: Anthracite Gray or Green


The anti-UV treatment offers a product resistant to years and seasons.

This product offers the options of 

  • Galvanized steel mounting bracket (on low wall, low wall, on railing or against railing, culture tray and
  • System for automatic (flow) slow or semi-automatic (fast flow) watering


Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Lead times vary depending on inventory availability.

Flower Box Serie A

PriceFrom C$201.00
  • A650 : 650mm x 235mm x 263mm H

    A800 : 800mm x 235mm x 263mm H

    A1000 : 1000mm x 235mm x 263mm H

    A1200 : 1200mm x 235mm x 263mm H

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