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The GEO Cube is a versatile and stylish fiberglass planter that comes in five different sizes, ranging from a compact 15-inch cube to a large 39-inch cube. These planters are perfect for planting even the largest trees and shrubs, providing ample space for roots to grow and flourish. Available in two finishes - Faux Lead (Charcoal Grey) and Aluminum (Light Grey) - the Cube Planter is a stylish addition to any indoor or outdoor space.

With its durable, weather-resistant construction, the GEO Cube is a long-term investment in your garden or landscape. Choose the size and finish that suits you best and start planting today.


These planters are frost resistant and require little to no maintenance.

Comes with or without drain holes.

GEO Cube

PriceFrom C$261.00
  • Cube

    S: 15" x 15" x 15" H 

    M: 21" x 21" x 21" H

    W: 28" x 28" x 28" H

    XL: 39" x 39" x 39" H 

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